Gengar (kidgengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I need a thing

I ordered some manga from and I was supposed to get this:

But instead, I got this:

It didn't come with the little black and white insert attached to the cover that features Mega Gengar. (as seen in the first picture) The other volume I ordered just happens to come with it though!

Does anyone have this little insert they would be willing to part with? Maybe someone in Japan that reads these? Or someone knows where I can get one that's guaranteed to have the insert? Don't wanna gamble with Amazon again and I don't have to order anything from there for a long time.
I didn't order the volume JUST for the insert but it was one of the reasons I did, so I'm kinda disappointed it didn't come with it.

At least the manga itself didn't disappoint!

So cool!
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