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Yet Another Collection Update

So it's been quite a while since I have had a Pokemon Plush update. I have gotten quite a few more plushies since then and as of this moment writing this post, I'm currently bidding on a Pokemon plush on eBay that I have been looking for, for quite some time so I hope I can get that too despite just getting two more just recently. LOL RIP WALLET ^_^ :)

Sooo before we get to my next update, I'm going to give a quick trip down memory lane and post pics of how my collection has grown over the years. Please keep in mind that all these dates were as of the submission date on Deviantart. I started collecting in 2007 or 2008.

Also be aware if you would rather see my entire collection I have as of now right now, scroll down to where it shows “[The Big Reveal With Everything]” Otherwise enjoy and watch how my collection has grown over the years. :D <3

[Sep. 12, 2013]

Had quite a few plushies in my first pic of my collection. Most of these I got before posting in 2013 like 2007-2008 or something and in 2012(most likely the Zekrom/Reshiram Pokedolls)

[Nov. 5, 2013]

In this pic, I got a few more plushies including the Takara Tomy Oshawott Plush and the MPC Banpresto Krokorok plush.

[March 14, 2014]
First off ignore the freaking camera quality on the 3DS not to mention pic being taken at night. ^_^ Got the Pokemon Center Tyrunt plush especially me being a big fan of Tyrunt/Tyrantrum and that Haxorus plush in the back. COME ON WE NEED A HAXORUS POKEDOLL!!! :D <3

[June 25, 2014]
There we go with better camera quality. :D Throughout this time, I was able to get the MPC Banpresto Krookodile Plush, which is still one of the hardest to fine in the series. Of course, the seller gave me the Sandile for free so I can have the complete evolution set. :D <3

[January 10, 2015]
Now after the new year in 2015, I finally got some Mega Evolution plushies along with my first Petit Plush and this one being Totodile. :) :)

[May 3, 2015]
Almost to the halfway point of 2015, I obtained a couple more Mega Evolution Plushies along with some Pokemon Trainer Choice Plushies like Mudkip, who is harder to find. Yeah sadly my Mega Charizards are bootlegs after some people helped me here in Pkmncollectors identify them so maybe in the future I can get authentic ones otherwise I love them regardless. :) <3

Now that brings us to today and after almost a whole year with a collection update, I have yet another collection update. Get ready for yet another transformation on everything I currently have so far. I’m also going to post pics of some of my favorite plushies in each set such as “Fav. Mega Evolution Plushie,” and “Favorite MPC Banpresto Plush.”

[The Big Reveal With Everything]
Well here we go!. This is my collection update as of right now. I have gotten quite a few more plushies including the most recent Pokemon Center Lugia and Rayquaza plushies. The Play By Play Charmander I found at Savers for only $2. Definitely one of my highlights of the year.

[Extra Pics]

Now onto some individual photos of my favorite in separate groups.
[My Favorite Mega Evolution Plushie]

I LOVE MEGA SWAMPERT SOOOO MUCH! Love how his big arms
make him look he wants a big hug. :D <3

[My Favorite MPC Baanpresto Plushie]
MPC Banpresto Krookodile Plush. One of my favorite plushies because it took me a long time to find him since he is one of the hardest to find in this series. :D :)

[My Favorite Pokemon Center Pokedoll(s)]
Zekrom/Reshiram Pokedolls. :D <3
Although I got these guys when they were common, they are really rare now so I'm glad I still have them; I'm trying to get Black and White Kyurem Pokedolls but as for these two, they are soooooo cute together. :) <3 <3

Well that about wraps it up. Thanks so much for checking this out and hope you enjoyed it. :D <3

Blooper 1(Missing Petit Totodile, Cherubi, and Cleffa.)

Blooper 2((Missing Cherubi, and Cleffa.)

Got to make sure I tagged scarity in this. :) ;)
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