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Third anniversary [collection update + website]

I haven't posted here in forever, sorry!
So, I've had a collection site going since I joined here, but was really bad at updating it and redid it several times. This month I finally got my act together and made a real collection site that actually has my entire collection on it. So, go check that out if you'd like. uvu
Link: PurpleShinx Collections
(I'll have to take better photos of some of the items sometime haha...)
Full collection photos under the cut!

I'll start with my largest collection: Espeon!

Not much to say here since it hasn't changed much.

Next, Fennekin and Mew.

As you can see, they're sharing a cubby for now, but hopefully my Mew collection will grow sometime soon. (I have a shelf reserved for them at the moment.)

The last picture I have is Oshawott. I do have a few other collections, but they are quite small and not as photogenic. If I get a chance to reorganize them I'll get photos of those too.

I wish I had a better way to display tall plush ^^;

So that's about all. Hopefully I'm more active in the coming months, since I'm starting to pick up the Pokémon collecting again.
Tags: collection, collection update, espeon, fennekin, mew, oshawott
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