fromstarcave (fromstarcave) wrote in pkmncollectors,

☆ Anyone selling these? + Question! ☆

Hey all! Before I buy from expensive or unreliable sources, I was wondering if anyone here is selling or trading:
►Jirachi from the Jirachi/Manaphy Takara Tomy XY The Movie 2 Piece Figure Set
►Jirachi Sticker from the Pokekyun Sticker Sheet that came with the pokekyun promo box
►Matte Tomy Jirachi ►Data Carrier Jirachi figure
►Clear+Sparkly and Clear Jirachi Tomys ►Pokedoll Figure ►Footprint/Dex Figure

Another community question, is there a difference between the Japanese version of Pokedolls and the American releases? Do some have differences and some don't? Does anyone know if the old Jirachi pokedoll has american/jpn differences, and if the new release has american/jpn differences?
Thank you!!
Tags: wants
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