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1-Year Anniversary Update and Re-Introduction!

It's been over half a year since I posted a collection update, and since my one-year anniversary of joining this wonderful community is this month, it's the perfect time post share my collection with the comm.

But since I haven't posted about myself or my collection, I figured that a quick re-introduction would be in order first!

My name is Phoebe, and I'm currently a sophomore studying computer science in the midwest.  I've been a huge fan of Pokemon since I was a kid, and I'd always wanted to start collecting Pokedolls and other cute Pokemon plushies.  Though I have a lot of plushies from my childhood, I didn't really start collecting until I started college and joined this comm last year.  My favorite Pokemon are Swirlix/Slurpuff, Goomy, Togekiss, Tepig, Latias, and Espurr!  However, the Swirlix/Slurrpuff line is the only one I have a dedicated collection to.  <3

Now, without further ado, onto the collection!

Since I'm living in dorms, I don't have any space to actually display my full collection.  In fact, the bulk of my collection is back home.  Most of my collection that I have with me at college is boxed up, except for when I take them out for photoshoots like these.

Anyways, Pokedolls are my favorite piece of merch to collect!  I love how cute their designs are.  Though I wish I could collect every single Pokedoll, I've just settled on collecting my favorites for now.  Most of the ones I have here are in varying condition.  Some are brand new, others are loved and from my childhood, and there's even a custom or two in there!

Most of my plushies make their homes on my desk and bookshelf.  They really brighten the place up a lot when I'm busy doing homework or drawing!
I tend to swtich out my displays every week or so, so here's what I've got up at the moment.

Here's a shot of my Swirlix and Slurpuff family!  Though it's small, I'm hoping to add to it real soon.  Both Slurpuffs were customs done by bubble_rhapsody.  I absolutely love her work, and I'm hoping to commission her again someday!


I thought I'd share a couple of my most recent gets, too.  I finally caved and bought the giant Goomy plush from, and I love it!  Goomy is such a big and squishy plushie, and full of cuteness to boot!  I swear this plushie has doubled the weight of my entire collection by itself.

I also got the N Nendoroid a few months back.  Since N is one of my favorite characters, I'm really happy with my purchase.  The Nendoroid is also really well made, and I'm really happy with the details on N and Reshiram.

I also got a Lucario Pokedoll recently from a trade with pumpkaboo_patch!  I adore the ribbon they included, and I can safely say that this little guy is beginning to become on of my favorite Pokedolls.

Lucario fits right in with the ribbon squad, too!

Finally, I got the set of Pikachu Desk Helper figures.  Though I don't really collect figures, I couldn't pass this set up.
They're cute and helpful, and it makes me smile when I see these little guys on my desk.  :D

Thanks for looking!
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