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Collection Update + Grail Get + New Shelf!!

Hello everyone! Very exciting update for me, I got a handful of new items from the past couple of months. One of them is even a grail! I also moved around some things in my room to put my Charizards on a larger shelf since the collection was out growing its old spot (for figures at least).

Here are some preview pics and the rest are under the cut!!


First I will show you all my grail! It is a Super Action Charizard action figure. This was really exciting for me to get... but EXTREMELY difficult to put together. I spent hours trying to fit all the many pieces together and the construction of it seemed poor. The plastic was pretty thin, and when you would snap the bits in place they seemed to wiggle around a bit too much.

The legs were the most troublesome and the joints ended up snapping while I was putting it together (not much pressure caused this, the plastic was just thin). I was really upset about this.. so I ended up just gluing the legs in place instead since I had no other choice. In result I cant put batteries in him to let him move around, but he still looks nice on my shelf! Im sad that putting him together didnt work out, but after doing some digging I found that there were many many people that had the same problem and even parents that ended up making the thing for their kid said the figure would often come apart when it was in motion. Over all my review for this figure:

Pros: Looks nice, is a good large size, has good color and shape.
Cons: Far too difficult to assemble, flimsy parts, some bits didnt fit together right, poor construction quality over all.

Im still glad I got him! I wouldnt have played with him much anyways so he is great for display so thats enough for me :>

OK now for the rest of my update! Sorry I rambled on that one..

I got this neat Charizard figure recently, I love the pose and the detail in the explosion is great!!

I also got two more kids to add to my Charizard kid collection! The fire wings one is my favorite by far.

I found this little guy at the mall, it is an official poseable figure! It came in a box with some other figures but this shop had a few lose ones for sale in a glass case.

and last but not least.. this official Charizard 2013 plush!! I was hunting for this guy for a while and Im so glad I finally got him <3

Thats all for my update for now!! Im hoping to get a custom off Etsy soon but it will take a while to get here. I hope you all have a lovely day~! <33


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