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Long time no see! Quick want and question.

Hi Pokemon collectors! It's been quite a time. No one probably remembers me but that's ok, I'm mostly a reader and not a poster. But I'm the Tropius lady who collects the beloved flying banana dinosaur Pokemon. I also collect my team and other favorites and I'm on the hunt for a few things. I thought I would stop here first to see if anyone in the community could hook me up with some goods and/or info :]

Curtesy of Sunyshore :3

First up is the Manectric 2015 UFO. I have a custom made Manectric plush that is 5+ years old and I haven't had the chance or time to get an official one yet and I'm hoping to snag one for a decent price here. If anyone has an extra please let me know what you'd like for it. Maybe around $30?


And super short post, I"m looking at the Pokemon 20th Anniversary goods and I haven't found any solid information on when these shirts are coming out. It just says early 2016. I haven't missed them yet have I?

Also a little question. I'd like to put something on my backpack to nerd out at school since I'm not afraid to show my poke 'flair' anymore. Should it be some charms I have laying around or should I pick up a cute plush keychain?

Thanks for your time, have a good one :]
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