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Please help me fill out a survey about counterfeit/fake products!

Hello there guys!
This is a different kind of post that you wouldn't normally expect! First of all, this post was approved by a moderator, so I may do this survey.

What exactly is this about?

I am a student of International Management at the University of Comenius: Faculty of Management in Bratislava, Slovakia, and I am in my last 5th year in Masters. During Masters, each student has to write a diploma work on a topic that they want to work on. My topic includes "Consumer protection and intellectual property rights in a selected product category". My selected product category is Toys (so plush, figures, merchandise, exactly what we like to collect!), and this survey is about the fake products that we meet much more often than we used to, especially through the growing e-commerce.

Why did you choose to write about this exact topic?

Over the years, my love for toys hasn't really changed, and my love has even reached higher when I started collecting mainly Pokemon. So I was thinking what would be a good topic to write about that would also involve writing about something I love? That's when I talked to my professor about it and he suggested writing about counterfeit products, an area I am very familiar with as a collector. I thought that since this is now a worldwide reocurring problem and phenomenon, where we are surrounded by such products on an every day basis and these are being sold just about anywhere, I thought this would be an interesting topic to write about.

What would you like me to do exactly?

It is very simple, I have made a survey that you can complete! Every person here would help me out LOTS by filling out this survey and support my diploma work. Please, whoever fills out the survey, be honest with your answers! This survey is anonymous, meaning that nobody will find out what you answered. So if you buy a fake product on purpose from time to time, it is OK to answer that. This is a study after all, and there are people who buy fake products for personal reasons.

May I see the results of the survey?

Certainly! However, you will have to wait until the end of April to find out the results of the survey. This is a diploma work after all, which will be checked through a system whether I didn't copy texts from another source, if my citations are right, and so on. So I will make a post with the results here once I have submitted my entire diploma work to my university and it's in their system.

If you have any other questions, please let me know, I'd be glad to answer! :D

Please CLICK HERE to take the survey!

Thank you again for your cooperation guys, you can't even imagine how much it means to me! <33
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