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Lots of gets & ACEO commissions!

Hello guys! :3 Hope everyone have fun shopping for their secret someone? :D

I got a lot of cool new stuff from the comm which I wanna share with you all! :3 I guess I wanted to stop collecting but I really can´t xD It´s just too much fun sometimes! But I´m trying to limit my purchases x3 Click the cut to see what I got!^^

Sorry for the blurry pics! >.<
My first get was this amazing venusaur pokedoll!! I ever wanted one and I´m happy now to get one for cheap since the Pokemoncenter USA re-released it! :D It fits perfect to my Bulbasaur Pokedoll and I love their bright colors! I also got two tcgs and a candy for free! There are two bug-type pokemon tcg´s, how did she know I love bugs? :3 Thank you so much chaobu! <333

Isn´t he cute? x3 His fabric is minky, but also very shimmery! And he is totally soft and squishy! x3

Next get: Some tcg´s I really adore! I´m omg so happy I got this vending raichu (graily) and the vending bulbasaur! All others are awesome too and the new shiny cards are really cute. I esp. love the Dedenne <3 Thanks to pokemontrader! I think I never could get the vending Raichu for so cheap ^^


This very cute little mareep I got from zigguppafu as a trade! Thanks so much Meaghan! ^_^ <3 I hope you got my package too or it will arrive soon!
This plush is much smaller than I expected! But he´s so cute! He looks really slim from the front xD and have some kind of beads filling, like a beanie. It´s a hasbro beanie like the tag says and I´m a bit confused because he´s really much smaller than all the other hasbro beanies and has this "special" fur. I also never seen him before. (I do not collect mareep but I ever had a soft spot for the whole mareep line, esp. mareep and ampharos!) I´m happy to own this cute plush! He will have a good home here :D
Now here are two awesome-cute Raichu perler sprites ;_; Thanks to latias_latios_7! <3 They´re really awesome!! Sooo cute (I wonder where you got the design from since these sprites doesn´t exist in the games?:))


Also here is a reminder for my ACEO card commissions! Now I made a few so I have more examples of them! ^_^

The price is 10$+ (depends on complexity and difficulty!)

~~~ SSS Special! You will get FREE SHIPPING on your order + 2$ discount on each ACEO card! ^_^ ~~~
Just write me a PM with what you want so that your secret someone will not see it! I will also only upoad a pic of it in my journal and send you a link via PM and I will not show it here in the comm in any post until the secret swap is over in april.

- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- Paypal only
- Prices are all in USD
- Prices does not include shipping or paypal fees!
- Shipping is without insurance and without tracking - please tell me if you want this! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost packages! It´s not expensive so just tell me if you want it :3
- Shipping prices worldwide
                             > 0,98$  in a normal envelope
                             > 1,60$ in a bubblemailer,            
20160206_135514.jpgCommission Rules, Prices & Info:
- The pricing for one ACEO card is 10$ and might be higher depending on the complexity and number of pokemons you want.
- Depending on the complexity and difficulty of your commission and number of ACEO cards, I may take a longer time to finish them!  Approx. 1 - 4 weeks
- If you commission me, you are 100% committed to buy it! Except for I need more than 4 weeks for 1-3 ACEO cards and you maybe don´t want them anymore (I forgot commissions in the past so I make this rule ;_;....xD)
- You have to pay within 72 hours after your commission is finished! If you cannot pay then or something, please just let me know!
- I will ship your items out after you paid for them!
- You can choose if you want an aceo card made in the following styles: watercolor, colored pencil, black/white ink with gold, watercolor with gold, colored pencil with gold (the materials I use are all high quality, colors are very vibrant and paper more than 300/mg strong)
- If you want something written on your ACEO, just tell me! But it will be handdrawn and not printed! (But I have a good hand writing so don´t worry xD)
- I sign every card with name and date on the backside
- Every card is of course the handmade original and no copy!
- I ship your ACEO safe in a card-foil! I would suggest you to leave the card in a foil, because I do not fix them (I´m really afraid of fixing normal paper and colored pencils with any spray!)


The lighting is a bit to high, the colors are more vibrant in real^^

Thanks everyone for viewing and have a great day!
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