Triltaison (triltaison) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I love my job

I work at a nerd store that sells collectibles for anime, video game, and other nerd properties, and I'm also the person who picks the stock to display from our available inventory in our warehouse facility. Imagine my glee when I discovered that we ordered a bunch of the All Star plush! I just had to share with people who'd appreciate the cuteness.

Most of our Pokemon plushies are by Banpresto, so I was really surprised to see them. It was a bunch of fun opening up dozens of these cuties to put out on display, and I couldn't resist taking a group picture of them. ^^

The Jigglypuff in the picture ended up coming home with me by the end of my shift. I didn't realize how very soft these plush are, or that they had beans in the bases to help them stand. I've gotta be careful, though... These guys are pretty addicting and I'll have to work alongside them for a while, now. It'll be hard resisting buying them all. :D
Tags: gets, plush
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