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Natalie Fuinha Becker

New Gets~ Updated Wants~ The Usual :)

Hey lovelies~ ^__^

So, I got a few new plush, and did that thing where I take pictures of them to share. Let's get to it! >:D

First up is a group shot of my Gen 5 starters. I liked Pokemon White, and some of my favorite Pokemon came from that generation, but I was less than excited over the starters at first. I still think Snivy's line could have been designed better, and Emboar was kind of disappointing. Otters are cool though so the Oshawott line will always be my favorite. Anyway, all that being said, a seller I was talking to ended up having all three of these guys, and since I never plan to go after a Snivy or Tepig plush, I thought this group of 2nd stage starters were pretty cool all together. Dewott's hand is sewn to his shell, but I'm thinking about cutting it free... >.> I dunno.... I kind of wish it was making a happy face like the other two, but Pokemon seems to like to make the weasel/otter/ferret Pokemon all look sad or grumpy.  o n o  >n<

Next is Sinnoh Starters! I've had my eye on this Mystery Dungeon Chimchar for a while now, and the seller had a Turtwig from the Pokemon Center too. I'm so happy that they are close enough in size to my Tomy Piplup that I can call this trio a complete set. They're all from different companies, but I think they look great together. ^u^

It's Team Rocket! Okay, so I don't have an Arbok or Weezing, but can't you totally see Jesse and James catching a Zubat and a Tentacool? my favorite newbie in this group is the Zubat. When I got the Tentacool I had the idea of tracking down a Zubat to be her friend because they are both Pokemon you run into over and over in game, and I like the idea of them being pals. lol

Now for a couple of my favorites. The Sneasel is new, and she's from Jakks. Now my Weavile has a little sister to hang out with. ^__^ This pair is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, so I'm glad I've got the full evolution line now.

Baby Lapras!! She's a bootleg that I ordered ages ago when I first started my collection, and she FINALLY arrived. Yet another reason to stay away from bootleg sellers people, they take forever to ship to you. Even though she isn't "real" I still think she's pretty cute, and since I found out about the big Lapras after I orderd this plush, I'm kind of glad I didn't spend a ton of money on the more chibi Pokedoll version anyway. o_o;;

Team Fairy! With one new addition, the adorable Togekiss~<3 In terms of cute + accurate, this has to be one of my best plush, it's just so freakin cute! Normally I prefer Togetic, but this thing is so amazing, I might be slowly changing my mind.

And last but not least, Mantyke~! This little guy actually isn't for me, I got it for a friend who loves rays, but it's so freaking adorable I might look for another one for myself someday. It's SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!  * U * <3

So that's all the gets, I didn't have time to edit the pics this time, so sorry if the colors are a little faded or the lighting looks weird. It was rainy when I shot them so... eh. Hopefully they're good enough.

And of course, now I can update my Wants list, which I will leave a link to, and a little preview pic so you guys can tell if you have a Pokemon I'm after with a quick glance. ^_^

Thanks for reading guys! Hope everyone likes the pictures.

- Natalie

Tags: bulbasaur, chikorita, dragonair, lilligant, mamoswine, minccino, noibat, poliwhirl, pumpkaboo, shuppet, sylveon
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