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I picked up a couple of the tins lately, and got a pretty neat card to match another I already had in Japanese.

.....One day, Charmeleon. You'll be mine. But for now - Zard love <3

Also! I have a small sales. Including some Battrio (inc. Torchic, Cyndaquil & Eevee), random figures, Growlithe menko, Raichu Chou Gettou and more! And on auction for 24 hours: Flareon Battle Stadium!


Shipping from UK:
UK - $2.00
Europe - $2.50
US & Canada - $4.00

Payment by Paypal - No trades at this time, but maybe in the new year.

All Battrio are $3 each, or any 3 for $7.50!
All Battrio are $2 each, or any 3 for $4.50!

Random items, mostly from my personal collections. $3 each, Eevee FCS is $5. ALL CUBONES SOLD.

Chou Gettou!
Raichu $4, Roselia $2.50 each

Just... Random stuff I found. Growlithe menko is $4, Teddiursa stamp is $2.50, Croagunk sticker card is $2, Mamooooo is $2.50, stickers are $.50 each, or free with any purchase over $5 :)

Flareon Battle Stadium! $8. Or, buy with Eevee Full Color for $12!

Also! If anyone has a closing Woolies store near them (UK only) - Even if they've been out of stock of Pokemon for ages, go check if you haven't already! Mine randomly put a large Torchic plush in a bargain bin for only .80p! Plus, Pokemon posters for £1 or less! :D

FINALLY - Anyone have any Heracross or Ivysaur stuff for sale?
Tags: charizard, cubone, dragonair, eevee, flareon, raichu, sales, vulpix
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