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My (partially completed) website!

So this post is mainly for my SSS gifter, whoever they may be!!

First of all I am dreadfully sorry that it took so long to get my wants list/website together @ -@ I underestimated how long it would take to take pictures of everything and put them onto the site. It also didn't help that for whatever reason trying to get pictures from a Galaxy Phone to a MacBook is a VERY frustrating process @ -@

But nonetheless!

My website isn't technically done, I have a lot of cleaning up to do! But it's more important now that pictures of my collection and wants are available! So I'll leave a link and you can hop on over!

And to anyone else is interested! As long as you don't mind a cluttered site and just want to look at my collection/wants, feel absolutely free to!! Also please let me know if you sold an item to me because I'd love to credit you! And finally if you'd like to be affiliated with my site, drop my a banner and link so I can link to yours! :D


Once I have the time I'll be making a post about the Yahoo Japan Auctions Archives which aren't technically accessible from them, but rather from a weird auction data collection site...
But it has been VERY helpful to me in finding items to look for for my collections! You can go back up to ten years! So be warned, you may find items that you want in your life but are so old and rare now that they are near impossible to find! I may or may not be speaking from experience.

SO watch out for that!
I also finished shopping for my SSS and I'm SO excited for everything to get to me so I can pack it up and send it off!! :D

And just one last thing from me...


It had one of my grails in it ; -; It's the sticker with Milotic, Salamance, and Dragonite ; -; It's a VERY hard to find sticker seal that was given away (not sold) at the Pokemon Center a few years back to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. If you bought this lot and aren't interested in that item or the corresponding small Milotic sticker I would love to take them off your hands!!!

That's it from me! Later everyone!
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