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Post-move Collection Update + SSS Gets!

Hey guys! This will be a post of two parts - I'm all moved in to a new house now and have finished setting up my collection! Everything is in one place now aside from a couple big plush and my MPC/charms which are hanging around the room, but it's still better than how it was! I will probably be weeding at some point though and have a bunch of new sales to put up... but I'm actually going to start an online store, so it'll be all brand new and hopefully easier for you to purchase things! :3 Anyway, I love seeing my Pokes all together instead of fragmented on different shelves! ^^ Check out the photos below for my new setup (which will probably change in future because it always does! XD)

The majority of my collection is now all here (ignore the sneaky MonHun plush |D)

Totem of dolls! XD

Tiny cloudbirb, Mew and other randoms corner!

Bubble and ninja froggies!

Zukan that don't fit anywhere else. :3

Reshi & N corner! N is my first Nendoroid, I love the material they're made from!

My other mini collections! :3

Secondly, I got my Secret Spring Swap package yesterday! :D I actually had it sent to my mum's workplace to avoid mixups with addresses and her co-worker spotted us in a cafe and let us know it had arrived. I was not expecting it so quickly so I was really excited to pick it up! My mum's boss really liked the wrapping work on it, and so did I~ Let's take a look. :3

Look at this package! It's so cute! ;o;

And to help open the package is my big Treecko, Pod, who I received fairly recently! :3

Hmm, let's see...

Oh! What a pretty card!

It's from cy4nide ! Thank you so much for the lovely message! :D

The first thing I notice of course was the chocolate coins - I love chocolate coins! I haven't had any in ages! X3 There's also a Kinder Bueno and Crunchie (<3) and green tea! :D Considering how cold it is today, I might get the out later.

And now it looks like someone else has turned up to... steal the chocolate?? Pod, not you too!

Aww, looks like they're sharing.
Wait... that's mine! XP

Mew wants to see what else is in the box!

Ohh, look at all these goodies!

Eee, so many tiny things! Since I'm trying to downsize, I requested smaller items if possible, and I'm thrilled with these gifts! Let's go through them! ^^

Clear 'Disco Mew' Kid! O: It's so pretty and I love the pose!

I believe this Treecko is from the TFG figure?? I love the sculpts and poses of these figures, they're so dyamic and detailed! I'm really happy to have Treecko now too! :D

And more delicious charms! I actually have these ones already, but this is one double I certainly don't mind having! Now I can have one set for display and a set to use! :D Has anyone tried making a bracelet with them or something? I thought that might be nice but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be.

My personal favourite gift has to be the PitaPoke Froakie! I've been curious about these little sets for a while and when I saw they had made a Froakie set I knew I had to get one one day. He's soooo cute and the suction cups work perfectly! I actually think I might get some more of these because they fit in so nicely and I'd have so much fun rearranging all the accessories. I love that it has a little storage space underneath too!

Some more little goodies, the Grovyle Mighty Bean! I used to have one a long time ago but idk what I did with it. XD; These beans are so fun to roll around in your hand!

And some marbles too! A friend sent me a couple some time ago and I forgot how much I liked them, so I'm glad to get some more! Especially Abra, another one I used to have but sold I think. :3

(The Mew marble from my friend)

And! Silver Dedenne metal figure. :D I have the bronze one but not silver! I love the metal figures, they're really nicely detailed for how tiny they are!

Finally, I have the Xatu totem figure! I bought one of these years ago but the seller never sent it... so I'm really happy to finally have it! ;o;

Thank you so much cy4nide! I was actually having a stressful day yesterday so you totally made it better! ;3;

And to finish this off, I also bought myself Super Mystery Dungeon now that we finally have it in the UK. I'm playing as Froakie with Treecko as my partner. It's a lot of fun so far! ^^
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