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some gets! :^D

Hello!! Today I bring you a pretty overdue gets post, featuring quite a few additions to my Teddi collection!


First up, we have this peculiar little thing I happened to spot on eBay!

This is part of a small cutlery set from 2001 -- probably a promotion for the second gen/second or third movie? Possibly? I'm not sure! But there's a lot of different designs in the set, and I don't think I've seen them around the community before!

Look at how POINTLESS TINY this is. I love it. I'm really happy with this addition to the collection, since there isn't a whole lot of misc merch that has Teddi on it!

Next, some gets from poke_zula!

First! A cute little Teddi kid!

Second...was sort of an impulse buy, haha. I didn't initially mean for it to be a part of my collection...

...buuuuut I do love my food related items, haha. This is a Pokebox cash recorder book! This is just the book holder, but inside...

look at how cute!! The cuteness factor was the original reason why I got this, but wait a second...


Look at those lil donut ears! So precious.

Now! The last thing is a WONDERFUL custom plush i got in a trade with zamakiko !!

AAAAA. How adorable is this??

He's so well made and the lil Pokepuff ended up being a wonderful addition and I'm so happy with it ;v; Thank you so much for trading with me!!

Iiiii think that's about it for now! I'm still shopping for my SSS partner, and I have lots of customs planned for them as well... :3c

Have a good rest of your week, everyone!

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