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White Kyurem Pokedoll (Japanese Ver.) Auction

I have decided to part with this guy but because I am not sure of what they go for and can't find one currently for sale on ebay or other english sites, I am auctioning it.

It has all tags attached and is in great condition. Was only used for display and has not been handled much.  The tag is slightly curled but has no bends or creases,it just needs to be flattened with a heavy object such as a book.

I am starting the auction at $50. This does not include shipping. Bidding will end one week after the first bid is placed.

Shipping will depend on if you want me to use a box or a bubblemailer for shipping. For a bubblemailer shipping will be around $6 in the US. Internationally it will depend on your country but it will be atleast $15. Cost will be a bit more if you want a box to be used.

My other information can be viewed in my regular sales post:


My 1:1 Laying Pikachu is still up for auction as well! It has a bit over a week to go.  Take a look if this is of interest to you:
Tags: auction, pikachu, pokedoll, pokemon center, white kyurem
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