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Pokemon20 gets and new collection photos!

Happy (end of) Pokemon Day, everyone! Of course I made some trips for free stuff today, so I wanted to show off my gets!

 photo Feb 27 gets_zpsvmjsaynq.jpg
I went with my brother to Toys R Us and EB Games today to get some goodies! First we got the Pikachu card at TRU, and they were very kind and gave us each an English and French Pikachu! Then we went to EB, where they had a Pokemon20 poster...that you only got from buying a Pokemon item. The Snorlax keychain was the cheapest thing I found, and it is pretty nice and sturdy as it is metal.

To celebrate this special day, I also took some new photos of my collections, including one collection I've never photographed before!

 photo All Plush 2016_zpsn3gvi5un.jpg
My entire Pokemon plush collection! It's been at least two years since I photographed my plush, and since I included literally every plush I own (including ones in my sales post, haha), it's a pretty intense photo! Trying to get them all in the shot was no easy feat, and a good few are sitting on mugs and (unused) candles. XD The big Pikachu was my very first, with the most recent being the 20th anniversary Mew. Some of my favourites are the Mewtwo, which was a birthday gift from my late grandmother, the hand-made Lance plush from my friend, and the giant soft Meowstic. It’s amazing seeing them all together like this - usually they’re all spread about on shelves or in drawers, haha. If I could keep them on my bed like this I totally would, but it would be impossible to sleep on it!

 photo Eeveelutions_zpsu1uvu76o.jpg
My very modest Eeveelution collection! The Umbreon Jakks and mini Pokedoll are from friends, mostly because I cosplayed as Umbreon so they think I love Umbreon. XD I absolutely adore the zukan!

 photo Clothing_zpsrlrnpzdh.jpg
My Pokemon clothing collection! I've never photographed this before, in part because it wasn't much of a collection until I recently went to Hot Topic! I absolutely love the PJ pants - they're incredibly soft and warm for these Canadian nights! I haven't worn the Mew or Eeveelution socks yet - perhaps in the summer, haha.

Also, to whoever has me for SSS: I've updated my wants on my Photobucket, especially adding Pokemon cookie cutters! (Pikachu, Mewtwo, the Kanto starters and Eevee are all awesome!) Apparently there are a ton of 3D-printed ones on Etsy, and they delight me so much as someone who loves making edible Pokemon things!

Lastly, please check out my sales post for all your SSS needs! Some of the plushies above are included there, so if anything caught your eye, be sure to look for it!

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