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Pokemon Lab +Sales

So since nothing cool was going on for the anniversary here in Japan, I went to Nagoya's Pokemon Lab that was at the Science Museum! It was pretty fun! :)

So when you go in, you get to chose Ultra Balls, Great balls, or Pokeballs. These decide the difficulty of the challenge. You have to find out what Pokemon is inside the ball with 4 clues.

Of course my friend and I chose the Ultraballs because we wanted a challenge!
There are 12 machines that tell you different information such as the height, the weight, the sound of the voice, the environment it lives in, the color, the silhouette. The machines are all in Japanese, but some of them you don't need to understand the language to get the clues from. Also some of them require exercising! HAHA
For the silhouette you had to run in place and power the machine. The more the bar fills the more of the silhouette you will see. My friend filled it...I sucked...
There is a list of Pokemon on the paper you get that are in the balls. So in the end mine was Munna! Nothing happens if you guess wrong. You just can check at the end. Then you get to choose a code for one of the Johto starters. I chose Chikorita BUT if you don't have a Japanese DS you can't get the Pokemon!!! :,( Luckily my friend has a Japanese DS and was able to get my Pokemon and trade it to me :)

At the end there is a shop and some special merchandise! I didn't take any photos though. Also you can get these cool medals that you can put in keychains or necklaces. The medal is 500 yen and then the necklace/keychain is 200. There were two styles. One of just lab Pika and then one with 3 Pikas. I liked the one with 3 Pikachu on it.

For 50 yen you can get the date and your name engraved on the back. Since it was Pokemon Day I figured why not! :)

More photos:)


Also I have a few things for sale. I added some retro straps I got. (Wanted Pikachu argh!) Sales are here: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html

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