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AR Sticker Gets!

I stumbled across a mystery booklet on eBay a few weeks ago and it's finally arrived! :D

I was quite excited to receive this, as I wasn't too sure what it actually was! XD Turns out it was a booklet of AR stickers. However, unlike in the seller's picture, the one I received has a Rayquaza sticker on the front instead of a Sceptile! Not complaining though! :) So which Pokemon did I get...

At first I was diappointed because the booklet was full of blank pages, so I thought it was meant to be an albumn for the stickers! XD But then I realised the pages were envelopes and each one had a sticker in! :D

It's so exciting opening blind-bagged items! :D So obviously I had my fingers crossed for getting an Absol, Swablu or Altaria sticker! Here's what I got...

Hey look at that! I did get a Sceptile after all! XD It's hard to see in this picture, but the Sceptile, Blaziken and Latias are holo.

So overall I was pretty happy with what I got! :) Sadly no Absol, but I was thrilled to find this in the last envelope...

Swablu! :D

I'll likely be adding these to my Easter sales post, and maybe auction a few of the more popular ones. These were so fun to open though! :D I'll definitely try my luck again if I find another 3rd gen set in the future! :) For now though, I managed to get a 1st gen booklet off Y!J so will be trying my luck for an Articuno! :D

Fingers crossed! :D
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