fromstarcave (fromstarcave) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping from JPN middleman advice + experiences?

Hello! I use Noppin and have 26 items in storage, and likely will have 30+ by the time I'm ready to ship.
What would you suggest are the best ways for them to ship these items to me?
Have everything packed together?
Or have about two or three different shipping boxes with 10~15 items in each?

I'm concerned that if I have everything together, the box will be very large and more susceptible to damage during shipment. And then if that one box gets lost, I can get money back but I'll lose everything I bought, vs. only losing a few.

I also have a poster I won, but since it's big that would probably raise the shipping/make the box way too large when put with other items, yes? Should I just have it shipped by itself, or does anyone know if they flatten the poster for putting it in boxes?

What are your thoughts and advice? Do you have any experiences to share, how you request shipment for your items, how communication with your middleman went, if you've lost packages in the mail from middlemans, if boxes have arrived damaged, etc.?
Thank you for your help! ☆ I hope everyone had a fun Pokémon Day!!
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