midori8 (midori8) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Red Nenodoroid Shipped??

hello all!

SO by pure chance yesterday morning around 6am i managed to check the pokemon center website and noticed that the Red figure was up for *pre order*. i had a few other things in my cart i planned to order so i figured i would just order it all at once. order placed and i figured i was all set! even checked the bank and they already charged me.

when i checked the order it said estimated shipping was May for the order. which i knew was due to the figure, but i figured they'd be shipping the other stuff right away.

well.. i get an email saying the following :

Hello from Pokémon Center,
We thought you would like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order.
Since your order is being shipped, it cannot be changed by you or by our customer service department.

The following items have been shipped:
1 Lucario Kuttari Cutie Poké Plush $9.99
1 Sleeping Lucario Kuttari Cutie Poké Plush $9.99
1 Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Posable Figure $99.99

so now i am confused and worried! the order page on the site says everything shipped but i know Red was a preorder so i hope i got the figure now.

so basically i am asking if anyone else's Red shipped or if maybe mine was a mistake due to the other stuff in my cart that *was* in stock. they did charge me for it so i am hoping it's just a mistake,but i am just a bit worried now!
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