dingyringo (dingyringo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

AMewsing Gets!

Hey guys! It's been a pretty crazy couple of days as a pokemon collector. I've pre-ordered soo much stuff, and I'm super excited to get everything!

These new Mew pokedolls are adorable, soo soft, and the new face is extra cute. I ordered some extra Mew pokedolls to get free shipping. Two have been claimed and I still have one extra. I would like to help out an international collector who wants it, but whoever claims it first gets it. It would be $13 + shipping+ PPFs.

I also got another Mew get!

The mew All-star plush! It's really cute. It has a really playful pose, I love it. Here it is next to the Mew Tomy Plush.

Their eyes have a nice shine to them under the right light. They look like they're about to battle lol.

Back shot. I was going to get the 20th aniversary Mew, but the people at gamestop were giving me the run around, and I didn't feel like going through all that trouble for a plush I only kind of wanted. I also need to free up some space, since I have the 1:1 Bulbasaur coming lol! So lookout for my next sales post I'll have lots of new stuff in there.

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