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Pikachu Cards Want List! (Also Toy 'r Us 2016 pika card!) + updates sales!


Hope you all had a nice weekend :) For most of you I think so, I saw so many nice Pokemon Day posts!!! I am so jealous, we have nothing like that in Europe, not to mention never in the Netherlands... So I can't wait to go to New York! Of course mainly for the city, but also a special reason for the Pokemon Center and maybe Toys 'r Us! Well, I haven't planned it yet, so when that time comes I'll ask you for some special places, also for Pokemon stuff! :)

Well this post is mainly for my Pikachu cards wants! I know there has been released a new Pikachu Toys 'r Us card and I really want it! I don't know if there is a normal version of it as well (without the Toys 'r Us logo), but I do want them both! Prefer in English! (only need Pikachu, not Magicarp, but if someone has them both and dont want to split, no problem!! Shipping is to the Netherlands)

Here my full Pikachu card wants:

And I also updated some sales, which I wanted to share with you! I can ship it in 1 day after payment! :)
Click the banner for the sales:

Or te link:

I also do trades for Pikachu cards or Zigzagoon items! :3

Well thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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