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New Meowth Tomy Plush


Hiya everyone, long time no post! I just got the new Meowth Tomy plush in the mail the other day and I just got around to making a post today. I haven't seen a post about the new Meowth plush so I decided it would be good to takes lots of pictures to show him off in case someone was on the fence about getting him or not. Pictures of him are under the cut, enjoy!

Fist off just a bigger picture of the one above:

Here we have the back view. His tail is firmly attached to his head so no fear of that coming undone anytime soon. Also the way that he is made Meowth had no real trouble sitting so that's a bonus!

There isn't much happening with the tag but his picture on it is pretty cute!

Here is a close up of his face. Kinda standard but well done.

And let's end this with a close up of his feet which are pretty as well.

Alrighty and that's the new Meowth Tomy plush. Kinda on the standard side for a Meowth plush but still pretty well made so I have no real complaints. One complaint I do have is that he was a complete pain to track down, I found him by accident over on toywiz. If Meowth was a pain to get I'm very worried on how hard it's gonna be to get Bannette which is the other Tomy plush I'm really looking forward to. I think Bannette comes out in June so here's hopping he's an easier get than Meowth :|

Oh and before I forget I got these lovely metal figures from o_0digitizdx_x
I finally got my hands on a metal Stantler, which I'm just over the moon about, and I didn't even know Snubbull had a metal figure so that's a real treat too <3
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