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Pokemon Day Gets & 20th Anniversary Celebi Plush Pictures

Hi everyone I hope you guys had a great Pokemon Day yesterday. I thought I would share what I got yesterday from the events and the Celebi Plush I got Friday.

Starting with the Pokemon Day goods I got the Poster from Gamestop. I went to Toys R Us first for the items but found out they were starting the event at 12:00. So I went to Gamestop and got the poster. They guy working there was very nice and gave me a poster without having to buy anything.

Here's the front.

And the back.

Came back to Toys R us and there was a big line of people waiting for the event. Thankfully there was enough for everyone and I was able to get my cards, activity book and poster. It also was nice seeing kids bring their cards to trade with others at the table. I also bought the Pokemon Mythical pack for the mew card and pin.

Close up of cards and Activity Book

Back of the poster. Sorry I didn't take a closer shot of the front. It has all 151 pokemon on it.

Next is the 20th Anniversary Celebi Plush. They released this early like the Mew at Gamestop so I almost missed out. I got this on Friday and I'm glad I did before the Saturday event as It probably would have been gone. I called in advance at my Toys R Us to see if they had any and the lady said they did. When I arrived I checked where they normally keep the anniversary merch and it was not there. All I saw were the Celebi figures and I hoped the lady didn't misunderstood when I asked about the plush. After looking around the store I almost gave up and decided to check back where the Nintendo and Sonic toys were I found it! It was the last one there and easy to miss as it blended in with the other stuff.

Here is what the back looks like.

Celebi out the case. Mine has a piece of embroidery string hanging off the eye which I'll have to cut later. Like most of the anniversary plush it's made with Crushed Velvet and the wings are an iridescent material. Super shiny when held in the light.

Picture of Celebi and Mew Together. Like Mew I plan to leave Celebi in the case.

Thank you for viewing and good luck to those trying to find Celebi.

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