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2012 US Serperior Pokemon Center PokeDoll Has Come

Love this close up of him. :)

awww did someone fall over. hehe :)

here is the tag. :)

**Got this plush on Friday evening but didn't post right away because I posted recently at that time and I don't post again if my post is on the home page already. I wait till more post or once my post is off the home page to be fair.****

If you remember me posting about me winning this on eBay, I've been trying to find this plush for about 2-3 years and I finally obtained it after 5-6 tries. I love this cute and awesome lil' guy. This is why Pokedolls are so freaking cute. I'm not a huge fan of snakes in the world but I am fascinated by them and Serperior from Gen 5 was a great example of how awesome and cute they are. I love Serperior's design and I love his look especially in the chibi Pokedoll form. :D <3 <3

I'm also, as you know, been looking for the Black and White Kyurem Pokedolls for about the same time as this guy but I'm so, so, so, so glad I have this guy in my collection now. Hopefully I will be able to get B/W Kyurem Pokedolls someday to add to my collection. :)
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