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overdue gets, updated wants, permanent sales!

hi everyone!! i hope your day is going great! <3
SO i got a few things recently that i never had the motivtion to show until now! lazy lazy, i know!

here are my recent electric lions!

ta da! we have ...

a luxray tomy from splash!
a luxio chou get figure from yveltai! (or giratina? did they change their username.... lemme know so i can leave feedback for them!)
and a mib posable tomy luxio from kurokotetsuya!

thank you so much for these things you guys!! i love them! they look great with my other lions! <3

and then a couple umbreon things!

a (bootleg i think?) pc standing umbreon plush from yveltai/giratina and an umbreon tomy from splash! ive had 2 other umbreon tomys and i gave one to a friend and lost the other..... im determined to keep this guy around, haha

this also brings me to ask if the plush is a sure bootleg? the only thing that makes me believe it is is its ears. theyre kind of round as opposed to pointy and they dont stand up straight. other than that, its pretty nice? it's made of minky and the overall quality isnt that bad! its tags look fine too...

(click them!)
i am overall pretty stumped... i feel like he's definitely bootleg (he was only 4 dollars!) which is actually extremely scary. this means that the bootleggers have found out how to perfectly copy hang AND tush tags. if you could give me a more solid answer i would really appreciate it!

and to celebrate pokemon20, heres a pic of my darling shinx playing my first pokemon game + my redone display!

i moved all my pikas do the second shelf! hoping to maybe be able to get more lions so i needed a tad more room!
second shelf also has gifts from others that i could never part with; a dedenne pokedoll, a pc snivy, a jakks togekiss from my best friend in seattle, and my new treeko pokedoll!

updated wants!

le sales

thanks for looking!! see you! <3


Tags: gets, sales, wants
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