dwnshadylane (dwnshadylane) wrote in pkmncollectors,

trozei sticker sales again!

I still have trozei stickers left from the lot from eBay!

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

Bigger photo and list of all stickers under the cut!

Each sticker is $1.50 each shipped in an envelope via lettermail in the US. If you are international, I will have to charge you extra for an international stamp.

Discounts will be provided to those that buy more than one sticker.

Zangoose x4
Lickitung x2
Caterpie x0 all sold
Groudon x3
Latias x3
Latios x3
Cacnea x4
Nidoqueen x4
Natu x2
Ho-Oh x3
Milotic x3
Jirachi x0 all sold
Torchic x3
Combusken x4
Manectric x0 all sold
Salamence x0 all sold
Celebi x4
Ditto x2 all sold
Bellossom x4
Solrock x4
Magcargo x4
Elekid x0 all sold
Plusle x2
Slowpoke x0 all sold
Pidgeot x0 all sold
Meowth x4
Vulpix x0 all sold
Smoochum x3
Wynaut x2
Lapras x0 all sold
Quilfish x2
Spoink x3
Marshtomp x4
Minun x3
Eevee x0 all sold
Squirtle x0 all sold
Mudkip x3
Deoxys x4
Claydol x4
Psyduck x3
Sunflora x4
Kyogre x2
Spinda x3
Cyndaquil x0 all sold
Chikorita x0 all sold
Treecko x3
Bulbasaur x0 all sold
Charmander x3
Jigglypuff x2
Venusaur x0 all sold
Corsola x1
Togepi x3
Taillow x4
Rayquaza x3
Lugia x3
Lunatone x4
Entei x1
Tags: bellossom, bulbasaur, cacnea, caterpie, celebi, charmander, chikorita, claydol, combusken, corsola, cyndaquil, deoxys, ditto, eevee, elekid, entei, groudon, ho-oh, jigglypuff, jirachi, kyogre, lapras, latias, latios, lickitung, lugia, lunatone, magcargo, manectric, marshtomp, meowth, milotic, minun, mudkip, natu, nidoqueen, pidgeot, plusle, psyduck, rayquaza, salamence, sales, slowpoke, smoochum, solrock, spinda, spoink, squirtle, sunflora, taillow, togepi, torchic, treecko, venusaur, vulpix, wynaut, zangoose
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