Krokodil (krokodilmitbrot) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants! (Totodile stuff, Retro Strap Flying Type, Charizard Die Cut Plush Cushion)

Hi guys!
This is my first post here, and I hope I'm doing it right! :) I want to start collecting my favorite Pokémon, which is Totodile. So far I haven't started my collection, but this ought to change now!

Basically I'm looking for:
...Totodile figures (I have none, so please offer any!)
...the brand new Retro Strap Flying Type (I know these are randomly packed, but I'm only looking for the flying type :3 See pic below!)
...the brand new Charizard Die Cut Plush Cushion

The following pictures are not mine, I took them from another pkmncollectors member & another website! Please message me if you want them taken down! :3

Please comment if you want to offer anything! :)
I live in Germany, please keep that in mind when it comes to shipping!

Thanks for taking your time! u_u
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