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Pokemon 20 Day Weekend Celebration gets and food!

The anniversary has passed! I can't believe it's been 20 years. I feel like time is going by real fast and it's going to be even more exciting this year.

Pokemon has been with me since I was six when I started watching the show when it came out on Kids WB. Now I'm in my early 20s and I can say Pokemon with you always~

I wanted to make a pic with the Pikachu pokeball frame plush with the Kanto starters and more first Gen but didn't have time. Future photo ideas! Any other ideas to put in the frame? :3

Some Kanto Pokemon stuff I bought from 4 different artists at the artist alley at the conventions over the years. I love the charms a lot. <3

The first Gen is very special to me... while it's not my favorite generation it's the one I first watched and I get very nostalgic thinking how much I love the original 151 and how many Gen 1 favorites I love so much as a kid. Mew is still my favorite mythical Pokemon and Charizard is still an old favorite. <3 I also loved the Squirtle Squad episode!

Yesterday, I went to Toys R Us first but they were all out of posters by the time I got there. I should have gone before 12 which was my original plan. They were out by 12:20pm. From Twitter and reading other sites online, others stores didn't have a lot of posters and ran out pretty early. I was able to get the cards even though the lady I asked at the front said the event was over. Good thing I didn't believe her and saw the table with boxes and got the cards. Then I went to Gamestop down the street and got two posters since my sister came along.

How was your guys Toys R' Us and Gamestop experience? I like the Gamestop poster more but of course it would be nice to have both posters. Which posters do you like better?

I had work in the afternoon but I had a little time before my shift to check out the Gamestop near work. I also got another poster! It was nice Gamestop had plenty and still had them after I got off work. Plus, they were showcasing Pokken and they had screens set up where you could play!

I took some pics, not the best since I had to hurry to go to work!

I am definitely excited and wished I could have stayed to watch people playing. I got the latest Pokemon Fan issue and it has an awesome spread of the Pokemon that's in the game.

Pre Pokemon Weekend local gets~

On Thursday evening I went to the Japanese market and saw the latest Pokemon Chupa surprise (Pokeball figures with candy). There were released last November/December? I saw them at another market last month but the box was empty so I just took the empty packaging box since they are just going to throw it away...

I got three of them, one each of the Pokeballs. I got little Zygarde, Braixen, and Frogadier. I should have bought them all because when I went back the next day... They were all gone. :( But it would have added up quickly with it being $5 each.

Also, I went to the bookstore and they had the latest Pokemon Fan issue that came out over a week ago which features the newest Pokemon that have been revealed on the cover. We saw the pictures revealing new merchandise like Pokemon Easter, Ditto Transform, the 4th round of Kuttari plush, and the huge Snorlax plush. There's a lot more in the magazine and I will be sharing some pics soon when I have the time. :3

I also went to the mall and the super cool Tokyo Lifestyle store had the XY&Z sleeping gacha figures for a great price! I got all of them but Squirtle but will probably get it next time. They previously had the Pikachu cup figures. They have a bunch of other Tomy stuff in stock and other cool cute non Pokemon plush.

Also, Hot Topic had a Pokemon display which you see right you walk in the store and see the Pokeballs on the floor...

Today I am just relaxing and snacking on some Japanese Pokemon snacks and ramune drink that I bought at the markets. I'm too lazy to try and make Pokemon themed foods. :P

Lots of delicous snacks. My favorite are the wafers, sweet corn puffs, and gummies!

Last, The hype train~ I am exciting for more things to come this year! With Sun and Moon coming out this holiday season, I have a new Pokemon game to play around my birthday! I still want my Z game though... What are you excited for the rest of this year? I also can't wait for Pokemon Go and World Championships in San Francisco!

Thanks for reading my long post! Lots to share and be excited for soon. I hope everyone is having a great Pokemon Anniversay Weekend! :)
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