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Accumulation of gets, including mirage!

Hello everybody! After a while, I've gotten a large accumulation of stuff in the past couple of months, so now comes the time for a collection update!

Update in my collection site:

It will be updated in a couple of minutes to add 2 more plush!


Let's start off with gets that I have gotten earlier last month...

My bff and I's order from skdarkdragon! My orderis Charizard X and one of the mega audino's. her's is the rest. I got her the Arcanine as a late Christmas present xD

Mega venusaur is from miss10. I love how detailed this plush is!

After nearly 6 long weeks, my sleeping mudkip baby decided to show up! Nothing can explain how soft and squishy this guy is!

One of my fav mudkip plush! <3

Closeup of the adorbs tag art!

Two boxes arrived last month. One from my middleman, and one from kitzune's pickups!

After my bff saw my new years pikachu set, she had to get one of her own, and here's hers.

The Mudkip pouch is mine. Mudkip is too adorbs!

The next gets are from my middleman! There's only 4 things in this box.

Victini canvas, two kutakutas, and the megazard X poncho! The poncho kept me warm on the day a blizzard came <3

It was a perfect fit too. i was worried that my height would be too much for it, but nope.

I purchased an DX Piplup pokedoll from a seller in a facebook group. Here he is with the rest of my DX pokedolls.

He completes my Sinnoh DX set!

Next was a box from my middleman. Now this box was HUGE! It was up to my hips.

Now, this doesn't look like pokemon stuffs...

The Yo-kai watch stuff took up most of the space XD I was expecting their plush to be half the size that they are.

But in the middle are my pokestuffs!

Oversized terrycloth piplup pokedoll, to try to complete my trio, a legit spiritomb, mudkip tomy plush, and a sylveon kid. I lucked out with the Sylveon kid, since this was the standing variant, and had a BIN of 500 yen! :O I saw this mudkip plush listed, and won him. he's so precious <3

Now I have a legit spiritomb pokedoll! The bootleg is on the bottom.

This was the last TCG set that I needed cards from to complete my deck. The cards were the Psychic's thrid eye, garbodor holo, and trubbish. I also wanted to get my hands on all of the gyarados cards, cause I love him. The psychic's third eye did not show up until the final two packs from this box. whaaa?

No Gyarados's D: But I LOVE that Ho-Oh card!

I'm neautral with the BREAK cards, because the egdes of them keep peeling/flaking off...

Went on a trip to target with fallengone on my birthday and he got me this Kyogre as a gift! BIRTHDAY WHALE!

They also had this running pikachu plush, and I got him as well as some Yo-Kai watch stuffs XP

I orderedsome cards from pokemontrader, and no regrets <3 I'm having problems with the USA releases lately, because of them peeling/flaking.

My fav has to be the pika pile!

Next are more gets from kitzune's pickups!

This has to be my FAVORITE set of the little tales plushies! They have this vintange old fashioned look to them, and it just adds to their appeal. My bff wanted a set too x3

I also wanted to get the regular size mudkip dice bag too! Thanks kitzune!

Now for yesterday's arrival in the mail from my middleman!


an oversized terryloth chimchar pokedol to be exact! and a pricey zukan!

I now have completed the terry cloth oversized set of the sinnoh starters! Only ones left of the size variations are the Christmas variants! I only need Pikachu, Turtwig, and Piplup! Why did the Sinnoh starters get the size variation treatment?

and one of the zukans I have wanted for several years: the Pidgey line zukan!

I won it at a decent price from Yahoo!Japan. Of all the zukans, this was the one I wanted the most. Just look at the details, and graceful poses!


Now time for work gets!!

a Yvental tin, a book, and an Infernape figure. he's mising his tail X(

A pokemon tin, which had bootleg cards, a rayquaza figure, and a VHS!

I got the shiny rayquaza pin with some cards from target.

This was a decent haul that day. Some books, a pikachu backpack, a hat, and a stack of pokemon cards that a co worker gave me, and it has a secret rare in it!

McDonald's Lugia was in here too!

MIB Jakks throw snivy and mcDonalds Mega latios!

Charmander pillow! He had a few holes in him, but I fixed him up!

I also got the mcDonalds rayquaza too!

MIP jakks figures, Gamecube games in great condition, and a book.

MIP mcDonalds figures! 2 Primal kyogres and a lugia! A rayquaza tin and cards too.

McDonalds Wobuffet, a couple of cards, a MWT hasbro corphish beanie, and a monferno figure.

Someone labelled the Corphish tag "what is this?"

x2 mcDonalds Hoopa figures, but one of them is missing their ring ;_;

Pikachu's! that day I had many pikachu's sitting on my desk!

As for the little one in the back, I believe he's a mirage plush. He's got no tags,and he's got a little rattling box inside him. I think it was a voice box that stopped working.

And the next day, ANOTHER mirage pikachu plush showed up! On this one, the tag says 'made in china' and that's it.

I never thought I'd find more mirage plush from work. I found one from work years ago.

A ancient mew print sweatshirt, and a MIP pikachu twirling figure!

Book, cards, and dogtag. The tag had no pokemon on it. Only the logo.

And the last pic of this collection update! MWT Charizard beanie, surfing pikachu figure, and talking charmander figure, though i dunno if it's the english version or japanese. I haven't tested it out yet.

Well, that conclused this collection update. Thanks for reading!!

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