mayapology (mayapology) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Target Gets!!

I drove up to target today cause I've seen lots of people posting they had found pokedolls at their targets, and I was not disapointed! They actually had a large groudon plush, a pancham plush, and even a hoopa plush!! They also had various tomys, like noibat and the new eevee with its eyes closed.

These are my babies I found :3 They had two other pokedolls, diancie and darkrai there as well. I would reccomend looking in all the toy aisles if you're having trouble finding some, because these often get placed in with other toys (I found these guys in a box with some yo-kai watch stuff)

What have you guys found at your targets? I'd love to know!!
Tags: plush, pokedoll, tomy, victini, zorua
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