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Huge want, plush question, gets, and updated sales

I was bidding on the last pen item I need for Giratina when I got outbid literally last second. So I'm posting it here in hopes someone has one or knows where to find it! It was listed for 500 yen, so I'm willing to pay up to $7 before shipping. It was a promotional thing from the Giratina movie.

Note that this one has Regigigas in it. The one I have (pictured below) has the colours swapped and has Pikachu in it.

I recently found out (the hard way) that many of my TTO Giratina and Palkia plush are super dirty. They have either dirt stains or weird coffee-like stains on them. What's the best way to clean them? It's the fabric used on pokedolls and the standard fabric BP uses for their plush (which honestly feels like Walmart quality felt lmao), if that helps at all. I don't want to damage them :c Just using water has proven to be useless.

I got one package in from FJ after waiting over a month for it. I have four more packages coming in, but for some reason any packages I'm getting from outside the US have been taking over a month to get here. I got the last Giratina pokedex figure I needed as well as the plamo. The stickers don't want to stay on Giratina, so I'll paint the parkings on when I get free time. Dialga came in the set too which is pretty dope. Both Shaymin forms, Regigigas, and Pikachu have been put in the sales. Regigigas plamo and Shaymin sky plamo have as well; although Shaymin is put together totally not out of impulse.

*Edit* Four FJ packages came in today. Contents;

What has been put into sales;

I got the last clear Shaymin I wanted from suzanneespeon. It's the one with the sparkly bits. Now I just need the metallic and pearly land form and that tomy line is complete ;o I really like the texture of the clear figures. I think I'll eventually start collecting those next year.

I got the electronic Deoxys MIP for an absolute steal. It was $13. Shipping cost me $25 but it was worth it lmao I remember seeing jenksss post it so long ago, but the price was high and I wasn't part of the comm yet. Glad I got it for so little! I am looking for the Rayquaza equivelant as well. It's currently my non collection grail right now. Doesn't need to be in package and doesn't need batteries. But I'd like it with all the parts lol For those who do have this Deoxys, how big is the figure?

In better news, I got a job at an airport repairing airplanes and doing general maitnence! So in a few months I'll be getting a significantly larger income to waste on Giratina :D It will be nice to have more flex room for wants without relying on art commissions.

Sales plug. Rules and whatnot over in link. Updated items near the Shaymin lot.

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