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Introduction, Pokemon Day gets, and current collection!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! My name's Michaela, though I also go by Mew - you may call me either (though the latter could get kind of confusing!). I've been lurking this community for a year or two, but decided it was finally time to join. I've loved Pokemon ever since it came to the States, and have been collecting for just as long. I don't have a massive collection seeing as I don't have a lot of space, but I really enjoy picking up new Pokemon stuff when I can. I'm particularly interested in collecting stuff for Mew, my favourite Pokemon.

So anyway, happy belated Pokemon day! As soon as midnight hit, I grabbed Yellow from the eshop. Then bright and early Saturday, I went to get the freebies from Toys R Us (didn't know it started at noon, fortunately they made an exception for me because I'd come from 45 minutes away, whoops) and I picked up a winking Pikachu and Celebi plush because of the buy one get one 40% off deal. I only ended up getting the Magikarp card and not the Pikachu, but oh well. After Toys R Us, I went to GameStop to get the Mythical Mew box set and their free Mythical Pokemon poster. And then when I arrived home after work, I found my 20th Anniversary Mew plush waiting for me, just in time for the special day!!


I had to order Mew online for a higher price because all my nearby GameStops sold out of them even before the event was supposed to begin, but I'm just glad I got one! It's definitely one of my favourite Pokemon items I own. <3


I crocheted the hat! The Gengar, Ho-Oh, and Charizard shirts are from Inkster.


The pink DS is just a regular old DS but with Pokemon stickers, so why not :P The black thing beside the Pokewalker is a rubber cover for it that has Ho-Oh on the back. It came with HeartGold. I also have Red Rescue Team, but forgot to grab the cartridge for the pic.


The incredibly tattered stickers and tattoos to the side came out of the old activity books.


There's a second stack of Pokemon VHS tapes behind the first, but I didn't feel like moving them off the shelf to show it =_= They're all eps from the original anime.

Sorry about ye olde plushie hammock blocking the lower left poster, lol


Not a great photo, but... My faves are the Cynthia Nendo and the big Mew near the back - the latter was a gift from my partner many years ago, and it talks!


Again, not the best picture. Most of these are old math flash cards. The three cards beside the Psyduck are holographic action cards with Spinda, Rayquaza, and Doduo/Dodrio. The blue and red thing above the Symphonic Evolutions guide is a two-sided poster with all original 151 and came with that bigger Mew figure pictured above with all my other figures.


Here's the rest of those flash cards! There's some on the cover of the red binder, too. The Pikachu card on the left is from Build-A-Bear. Beside the flip coins is a random Japanese holographic card with Psyduck and Misty on it.


I didn't want to take the buttons off my bag strap ^^; Those tiny Mews are earrings.


And finally, my plushies! My favourite part of my collection. But don't ask me to pick a favourite plush, it's far too hard. I crocheted the little shiny Drifloon. I also have a petite Mew, but it's hanging in my car so I forgot to add it to the group:

I believe that's everything, it's all scattered about my room so I sometimes overlook stuff lol.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading. I look forward to being part of the community! :D
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