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Sales reminder; grail get

With lots of new members around and SSS going on, I figured I'd post a reminder for my sales post. I updated it with new pictures, making it easier to browse though. I also slashed some prices. Come take a look :) Click the banner or the link to go ^^

Sales Banner final kleiner.jpg

I still have lots of TCG cards, too, that can be found here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19565663.html

Recently, I received a grail from Japan :3 Pictures are inside the cut!

RAWR! This Rayquaza is massive. And huge. And 90% poseable! (The missing 10% are the head that you can't turn around.)
He's so beautiful and a great toy. I keep winding him into all kinds of poses ^^ He was made in 2004 by Tomy.
There's a slot in the back where you can insert batteries, but I haven't managed yet to get it to work. I think his mouth might light up.

And here's a picture of my largest and my smallest Rayquaza figures together, with the tiny being the minicot. Cute, right? :3

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