Quan Tran (guccishiny) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Quan Tran

Where to Pokemon Shopping in New York City

Hi everyone,

Happy belated to Pokémon's 20th bday :) Hope everyone got their fair share on the celebration. I sadly miss out on a lot of promotion events, especially the TRU due to weekend work ... arrived at 4PM only to find disappointment when all of stuffs are gone off the shelves. So if anyone has a spare TRU poster, I'd love to get one please !!!

With that, I'd be travelling to New York city this weekend. So I figure why not compensate myself to some Pokemon stuffs from the city. However, I'm clueless as to where to go ? how to find them ? etc. I really hope our members here (local or not) could point me to a couple of places in New York city that I can find some Pokémon, especially figures. I would really greatly appreciate your help ^^

And oh good news, sale permission is granted so be on the look for my sales post.

Take care & have a great day/night everyone !!!
Tags: pokemon, wants
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