dragoniter (dragoniter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some new gets + more leos!

Hey community! I hope everyone is having a good time with their SSS. ^^ tiamatruler just got my SSS package I sent to him (and on pokemon day too!) You can see him opening it here:

onwards to the gets!

I'm so close to having every litleo item there is out there! just need a few more charms, stickers,cards, and clearfiles! I also started a mini chespin collection with the tomy plush, talking chespin, zukan, and chesnaught pokedoll.
Other plushies not shown: raiquaza, xerneas figure, lot of kids (still waiting on some), johto secret base plush, and1998 (?) banpresto dragonite plush. I also ordered a espeon plush from hot topic and a reshiram pokecen plush from someone here on the community. I'll be sure to include pics of those guys once they arrive. And on top of everything else I reserved pokken! I can't wait!

Anywyas, I hope you enjoyed this little update! See you guys later! Have fun with your SSS 'cause I know I did!

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