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First Sales Post!!

Come check it out! It's under the cut.

-All Pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- Sales permission granted by areica96 on 7/28/16!
- My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pospheria/
- I will not sell to banned and/or non-members.
- Items come from a clean and smoke-free home but not an animal free one
- No off community transactions
- Commitments take priority over quotes
- Please indicate whether or not you are committed otherwise the item(s) may go to the next person
- Negative feedback will be given if you back out of a sale after committing.
- Payment is required within 24 hours of receiving your total.
(If you need an item held or a payment plan, please let me know before committing so we can work it out)
- I accept trades!!! My wants list can be seen here!

- I ship from Minnesota, USA
- I am willing to ship internationally, BUT!! you must be fine with me going and getting quotes at the post office first for accurate shipping to avoid making any mistakes. (shipping is very costly)
- I accept payment through Paypal only
- Prices are in USD, shipping+fees not included unless specified.
- Please add your LiveJournal username and what you bought in the note
- I try to ship within 3-5 days or less
- Once out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for the item(s) if it gets lost or damaged
- Feedback is very preferred and appreciated and will be done in return
- All items are legitimate unless otherwise stated

Tomy Groudon Plush - $100

Jakks Duskull (No tags) - $9 OBO
Roggenrola MPC (TTO, No chain) - $1
Jakks Starly (TTO) - $5
Jakks Kricketot (Hang tag has very light creases) - $8 OBO

Hasbro Cyndaquil (TTO) - $12
Jakks Combee (TTO) - $5
Jakks Meditite (TTO) - $5
Banpresto Pichu (Damaged TTO, No string, dirty) - $2

Pokemon 2000 Lunch Bag (Damaged) - $15 OBO
Throwball Pokeball, Greatball, Netball - $4
Squirtle Bank - $3
Talking Mew (Missing tail, don't know if works) - $1 or free with $10 purchase
Tomy Sandrew - $5
Mime Jr (possible boot? not sure, no base) - $2
Pachirisu Pez Dispenser - $3
Jakks Bronzor (has tags) - $15

Arbok Kellogg's Figure - $2
Gulpin Kid - $1
Attack Wailord (Dive) x2 - $2 each
Attack Slaking, Slaking - $1 each

TFG Marill - $5
Tomy Marill - $5 OBO
Tomy Flygon -  $5
Jakks Patrat - $1 or free with purchase

All are $0.50 each (Anorith not available)
SOLD: Bagon

All are $0.50 each

SOLD: Wobbuffet Pin

Phione UFO - $10 (Paint scratches on the red thing)

Zapdos Pog - $0.25

Giant Pokemon Cards - Pikachu - $5, Victini (one left) - $1
(Tiny Victini Card free with 1 giant Victini card)

Holo Pokemon Cards - $1 (Excluding the last four)
SOLD: Garchomp

Holo Flareon - $3
Holo Vaporeon - $2
Holo Glaceon - $10
Holo Entei - $5

All are $0.25 each

All are $0.25 each

All are $0.25 each

All are $0.25 each

SOLD: Umbreon

All are $0.25 each

All are $0.25 each

All are $0.25 each

Freebies/Free with purchase!

GONE: Tentacruel card

Thanks for reading/looking!
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