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Play by Play Charizard Group!!

Hello all! I recently got the medium sized Play by Play Charizard plush!

Small- 12 inches
Medium: 16 inches
Large: 32 inches

See a larger picture under the cut with some more info on them!

As you can see, the large Charizard looks a lot cleaner and fluffier than the other two! This is because I cleaned, re-stuffed, and refurbished him. You can see my process on that here:

Im going to wash and refurbish the small one sometime soon, he needs a good fluffing and I might even sew him some new claws. They are a bit smooshed and old (I bought him used from ebay).

As for the medium one, I have special plans for him! I will be washing and re-stuffing him partly.. but I will also be adding a zipper to his back and lining him with Pokemon fabric and turning him into a backpack! The straps will be removable too so I can take them off and cuddle him like a normal plushie as well. Ill be making a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this if other people want to do the same with their plushies! Once I get sales permission I might also offer services for me to do this for others if they cant do it themselves :>

Just thought I would share my plans! I also really like how they look in a group... they scream in unison like a true family ahah!

I hope you all have a lovely day!


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