pokedolllover (pokedolllover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first sales

Yay after about 3 years of being in this community I finally got sales permission.

- Sales Permission granted by areica96
- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
- My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raindance11/ ( old account)
- Not selling to non or banned members as I want to make sure these items get a great and hopefully forever home
- I ship from Fircrest Washington
- Haggling is accepted, but please no low balling
- Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees; I DON'T ACCEPT GIFTED PAYMENTS I WILL REFUND YOU
Please put your Username and what you bought in the info
- Prices are in USD and method of payment is via Paypal. Nothing else at this time
- No holds sorry
- No payment needed at least 2 hours after committing
- I will pack each item to the best of my ability in an envelope to preserve the item and keep costs low. if an item is big i will use a box ( i do recycle boxes and bags)
- Items come from a smoke free home ( i do have a dog and she has access to my room with plush in it )
- I am not responsible for packages after they leave my house sorry
- i ship at least a few days after paying sometimes school makes me busy though.

Everything is below the second cut

Pikachu kuta kuta tto - $20
Pikachu holding Berry mwt $20
Surfing pikachu Banpresto mwt -$10
Funny face pikachu Banpresto mwt -sold

Big Banpresto deoxys faded tush tag - $12
Red Genesect Banpresto mwt - $15
Articuno ufo tto -$25
Jirachi tomy recall plush - $20

Meloetta Banpresto plushes both forms mwt - $15 each
Larvitar McDonald plush tto - $25
Roserade Banpresto plush mwt - sold
Duskull Jakks plush tto - $15
Togepi kuta kuta - $25
Mudkip tomy? Plush no tags - $10

Dx wobbuffet Banpresto tto - $12
Sandshrew play by play faded tush - $30
Heartland chimchar tto -$35
Vulpix Banpresto tto - $25
Blastoise Banpresto mwt -$20
Venasaur Banpresto mwt -$20
Chespin Banpresto tto -$10

Bandai friends raichu tto - $10
Snubbull Banpresto mwt - $20
Dragonite bNpresto mwt - $25
Mew Banpresto tto - $20
Happy pikachu turns into pokeball - $10
Ledyba mwt Banpresto $20

Feebas Jakks plush no tags - $10

Pokemon center watch rare limited edition - $45

Freebies : one per person limit
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