midori8 (midori8) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wow that was fast!!

Wow so sure enough I checked my mailbox and look who arrived!!!


I am still taken a back I got Red already!! The box is HEAVY!! I wasn't expecting that lol sadly I am literally headed out the door so I can't take more pictures. But when I come back I'll certainly take a bunch!! Anyone who got Red I guess keep an eye on those mail boxes!!


Finally got a chance to open the box and just WOW this is just an awesome figure!!...err figures!! i love the big trio. all wonderfully painted and SOLID. ive actually never owned an Nendoroid before, and i can certainly say i am hooked! took some quick shots of the figure's to show off the details better!

 photo IMG_7026_zpsfjm7hwje.jpg

 photo IMG_7028_zpsrrqym3cm.jpg

 photo IMG_7031_zpshhwvdz8v.jpg

 photo IMG_7029_zpsazrmjlo8.jpg

 photo IMG_7035_zps6awundye.jpg

 photo IMG_7037_zpsncwwbyls.jpg

 photo IMG_7033_zpsl4iiqync.jpg
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