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Prepare for a Reintroduction!

Hello PKMNCollectors!

I've been a member since August of 2014, and I never did an anniversary post ^^; So for my first post of the new year and with the SSS in full swing, it's time for a big ol' collection update and re-introduction!

My name's Liz, but you can call me Kuro. I'm a 21 year old college student in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan (that edge of that little fatty part of your thumb near the wrist). Currently, I'm working on completing my undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies-Criminal Justice/Political Science/Law & Society. Besides Pokemon, I also collect Funko Pops and I have smaller, growing collections of Naruto (Kiba & Kurama), Okami, Digimon, Wolf Children, Splatoon, Disney (Frozen, BH6, & Tsum Tsums), and Studio Ghibli.

I'm mainly an Eevee/Eeveelutions collector. However, Pikachu has grown into my main side collection since I can't resist some of the pancho Pikas. I also collect some of my favorite Pokemon like Absol, Skittty, and Arcanine to name a few, but Eevee and its evolutions will always remain my absolute and main focus since Eevee has always been a favorite of mine since Pokemon Yellow. Let's just say five year old me wasted quite a few Pokeballs on my Rival's Eevee ^^; Anyway, I began collecting in 2008. Then started going to YoumaCon and some of the different conventions that were relatively close, and my little collection started to grow. Once I graduated high school, my collection grew with me throughout college and after joining the community.

WARNING: The following post contains a large amount of images. Viewer discretion advised ;3

As always, we'll start off small. So, here's the bulletin board! It's a little cluttered with straps and pins.

At the very top, there are the Eevee movie pins although they're a bit glared out.

The top left holds the Pokedex charms...

while the top right has some miscellaneous straps plus the Pokedoll bagde.

Moving down there are more charms and the 151 can badges.

To the left, there are the Poemon With You badges and the regional PokeCen straps.

And at the bottom, is a tiny Christmas section.

And the hardest picture to take, are the PokeTime and other PokeCen figure straps which are on the side of plush shelf.

Now it's time for figures!

It's not everything, but this is my current figure display. I have more Kids and such, but, for lack of space and dust, they're all packed away. I keep my Eevees are the far left corner of my tv stand.

Pokedoll Kuji figures and some Kids!

Tiny Eevees!

Eevee banks! I think I own every Eevee bank maybe except one.

Eevee Tomy figures! They're all arranged by year.

Eeveelution Jakks, Kids, and Mega blocks! N is a little shy, so he has Sly protecting him x3

Kyun Chara figures and more mega blocks!

And finally, these are the Eeveelution Kids and Tomy. Unfortunately, they're packed away most of the time, but I pulled them all together for a photo ^^

To wrap things up, I have a semi-room meme since my collection takes up most of my room. Starting with...

A (big) I Love Eevee towel! I made the display so that it could hang on my door ^^

Bag and travel buddies! Flareon's a but shy ^///^

The ones on the bottom are some new friends that don't have a spot yet, while the others are sitting on my "overflow" shelf."

I spiced up my Pop stand("overflow shelf") with my Poke pals that are little too big for my other shelves.

Bed buddies! The perfect nighttime companions <)

And now, the center of my collection...
Eevee and its Evolutions!

At the top, we have Oshawott hanging on for dear life as Dragonite and Larvitar sit by, with some noisey neighbors below ;)

The I Love Eevee DX plush and some of Digimon hangin' out. Poor Raichu being smothered by the Eevee backpacks.

Moving down...

The noisey neighbors! I had to turn on my display lights to take a better picture. These guys originate from the same lot. I'm so blessed to have won them.

Some of the Flareons are a little shy, but here's the "Fluffy, Sparky, and Bubbly trio chilling" shelf!

Below them is "the Sun and the Moon shine on the Grass tinted with a little Frost" shelf!

Pink paradise! This shelf is a hodge-podge of Sylveon, Skitty...

Poochyena, Absol, Growlithe...

some fire foxes, and a few others.

The starter shelf! And Eelecktross <)

The legendary and Johto shelf!

Eevee Kuttaris! I finally arraigned the Kuttaris to have a nice little home.

Pokedolls! Here we have Aria (Zoroark), Lance (Dragonite), Able (Absol), Toge (Togekiss), and Allica (Altaria).

The unintentional side-collection, Pikachu (and Raichu)! My Pop figures help maintain the overflow X3 although I going to have to make some room soon ;>

The Eeveelution shelf. I love to have them arraigned in numerical order since they form a rainbow <3

And finally the heart of the collection...

My precious-esses Eevees! There are two pillows back there, but the fluffy babies have grown so much in the past year and a half-ish that I've lost count of how many I have. I swear there are two pillows in the back to support everyone, and poor Lulu is being suffocated supporting her siblings.

This massive pile of fluff wouldn't exist without these two...

Meet Eievui and VeVe! A little story is in order since these two helped start my collecting. I bought the Pokedoll during my first semester of high school. I was broswing eBay for some reason (bored) when I saw someone selling the entire 2008 set. She was my first official plush from Japan, and I fell in love with her. I starting looking for other Eevee plush when I found the 1/1 Eevee my junior year. I looked all over the net, but I couldn't find one until I found a middleman like service called Flutterscape. Flutterscape was kinda like the community but for all types of Japanese merchandise. I stayed up until 5 AM talking to the owner of the site who helped me win this little one from Y!J ^^ I found the community during some of my net scouring, but I was too shy to join.
But Thank you PKMNCollectors! This massive pile wouldn't have grown so much without your help!

Whew C= (-。- ) And with that, you're at the end! If you made it this far, you deserve this...

cause there were almost 40 pictures with varying degrees of quality. But you made it!

Thank you so much for taking a look ^v^
And a big thank you to everyone who's helped my collection grow! Although I'm not the most active member (gotta graduate yo), I love sharing and seeing everyone's collections. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more since I have some special gets ready to be shipped home ;) It's a pleasure getting to know and meeting everyone, and I'm look forward to another fun year on the community!

Best wishes ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v
Liz/ kuro_kage_kun
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