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Custom plushies have arrived!!!

So, as some of you may remember or know, kyreon posted recently about selling her custom made life size Flareon. Originally, due to shipping, I didn't think about getting it since it would need to be shipped from her place to mine, and shipping was going to be really expensive. Still, I just kept thinking about her and looked to see if I could find her sales page here on live journal. When I did and saw where she lived... the bells rung. My parents where about to go on a trip to the area she lived.... Light bulb!! Pretty soon I had not only arranged for a pickup for Flareon, I also commissioned another plush: A life size shiny Umbreon. =3 Her name is Blue. (Original, I know. XD)

They had quite a trip to make it from the southern US to me in IL. Flareon got into one of the stops though...

MJ flareon.jpg
You know they bought the MJ hat for me right Flareon?!?

My parents even sent me a picture during the trip. Flareon is all cozy, under a blanket and my dads coat. Peekaboo! =3

Once they finally made it home (and early to! Apparently everything was closed till march that my parents wanted to stop and see. XD) I got the see how beautiful they really are in person. I couldn't be more thrilled!!

First up, Flareon, the one who started it all!
flareon closeup.jpg
flareon side.jpg
tail floof.jpg
Just look at how floofy the tail is. =3

When I then turned my attention to Blue, Flareon didn't like the attention being shifted....
both 3.jpg

Come on guys! Work it out! After a little intervention and a little hug....
both snuggle.jpg

I got to take pictures of my Blue.
blue 2.jpg
Blue 1.jpg
Blue 3 closeup.jpg
Just look at that face. =3

After pictures, Blue felt she needed to exercise some of that fast food off from the road, but sadly she couldn't reach the pedals...

And just to give you guys a better idea of how big these guys are, my dog decided to step in for size comparison.
size comparison a.jpg
What's dis? I haz a brother now?

my this is a nice pillow.jpg
It is nice to lay on anyway. Why is it here again mom?

I am just so thrilled with both of these guys. I expect once the jealousy wears off, I will find my pup snuggling with my new foxy buddies. If you like what you see, don't forget to talk to kyreon and see if you can get a friend of your own. I definitely recommend it. Thanks again kyreon =3
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