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Some Very Exciting (and rare) Gets! +Metal/Minimodel Auctions, Pokedoll Trade

I recieved a bunch of packages in the last week and couldn't wait to show off some of my newest gets! Among the items I got were also some metal figures and clear minimodels that I don't need, so I'll be auctioning them off today. Take a look!

 First off, at the beginning of February, I made a post asking briefly for the value of the Lucario pokedoll cushion. I just started a new job where I'll be making significantly more than I did at my last one, so I've been feeling spendy, but I figured it was pretty rare. Lo and behold, just a few minutes after I made the post, one came up on ebay for just $77!! I haven't seen a lot of sold listings for this guy, but this seemed like an absolute steal, and he was worth every penny. He's supe soft, and I love the fluffy torso. He came all the way from Thailand.

Look at those floppy pawbs!!

I believe there are a few other cushions from the same set, probably released for Movie 8 - Pikachu, Bonsly, and supposedly Mew, though I haven't seen a picture of one. Too bad Weavile didn't get one!
He's in pretty good condition, but some parts - like the bases of the ears and the nose - feel like they could use some more stuffing. Or maybe they're supposed to be like that. I actually don't have a spot for him in my room yet, but I'll figure something out ^^' I just love him! Too bad Weavile didn't get a pillow in this set.

Next up, a package from Japan finally came in that I'd been waiting on for a while. It took a little trip all the way from California to Nevada before reaching me in Washington. I was worried that it would get lost, because it had some very high wants inside, but thankfully it turned out okay. :P

New Pokemon TIme straps! I love these rubber straps to death, and these four were the ones I knew I absolutely had to have. All are from Y!J except Shinx, which I bought from Pokevault. Shinx unsurprisingly seems like the most popular one.

From the same package, I bought a lot which contained a very high want of mine.... A bunch of metal figures and clear minimodels, including a Weavile!!

I was freakin out when I saw this lot, because these Weavs are really difficult to track down. They're super cute and detailed, and very conveniently sized - I can pretty much put him anywhere without sacrificing too much space.
I would LOVE to have more of these guys. I thought there were five total, going off of xxlatiosxx's picture on their site, and when I first saw the picture of mine I thought it was yellow. It looks more orange now that it's with me, though, so maybe I have more find than I thought, heh. If you're selling any of these Weaviles or know where to find them - or furthermore, where they come from - I'm very interested!

The rest of the figures from the lot are also pretty cool, and are going up for auction - check the end of this post!

Another Lucario get - one of the clear kid figures! This kid was a decently cheap BIN on Y!J, and while I could tell from the picture that he was in bad condition, he looked even worse in person :/ Covered in red marker or paint or something like that, and has some very significant paint chips. I was able to clean off most of the red stuff with rubbing alcohol (save for a splotch on one of the eyes), and it did make him look way better. Unfortunately, though, not much can be done about the chipping short of a new paint job. Still, it could be worse, and these are kinda rare, so I'm happy to have him.

If you do have one in better condition for sale, though, I would love to talk to ya.

Lastly, a pretty exciting plush get - an MWT JP Wailord Pokedoll, which is potentially up for trade.

Wailord is for sure the real deal. He has both tags attached, as well as the Japanese version of the "S" sticker inside the tush tag. He's in great condition - no flaws that I can see on the plush itself. The hang tag is curled and bent in several places.
I don't plan on keeping this guy, but I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with him yet. Also not certain on the value. As of right now, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in trading for other rare pokedolls or possibly mirages. I would be particularly interested in a houndour pokedoll, but I'm not sure if they're equal in value?
This is a really awesome get, but there are other 'dolls out there that I'd prefer over Wailord.

In other news, my collection site - which I mentioned briefly a while back - is nearly at a point where I want to post it. Sneak peak at my button for it :3c

I actually decided to switch from Weebly to Wix, because apparently new weebly sites are no longer indexed on search engines, and that's kinda important to me. I had spent a lot of time working on my weebly site before realizing this, so I had to move pretty much everything over. I'm really excited to share it soon though!
I also have yet another rare item on its way to me, but it'll probably be a while before it comes in. :D

I was so busy on the 27th that I didn't get a chance to post in the 20th anniversary thread, but it's so awesome that Pokemon is celebrating a landmark year - can't believe the series is nearly as old as I am, and that I'm still in love with it after so long. I'm SUPER excited for the new announcement we saw in Direct (don't wanna spoil it for anyone), as well as an upcoming year of "leaks" lmao. Hype for XY is actually what got me back into Pokemon after a post-BW lull; one of my fave things is seeing new info creep out and everyone discussing what's real and what's not.
Here's to another 20 years!

I'm also almost finished with my SSS package!! Just waiting on one more shipment. >:3

Finally, auctions for the remaining figures from this lot.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from WA, USA
-I come from a smoke free home, but I do have a dog. He stays away from my items but I can't gaurantee that things will be 100% free of hair.

-Prices are in USD, Paypal only.
-Shipping is not included in the price. US starts at $3 for non-flats. International non-flat shipping now starts at $13 (I know, it sucks). I ship anywhere!
-Payment is due within 48 hours unless you speak to me first.

Auction Info
-All auctions will end on Sunday, March 6th, 8PM PST.
-Bid increments of $1

The Auto-Extension Rule is in place.
-If someone bids within the last five minutes of the auction, then the end time will be extended by five minutes.
-Here's how this works: Auctions ends at 8 PM; Weavile places a bid at 7:56 PM. The auction will now end at 8:05 PM. Absol comes in at 8:04 and places another bid. Now the auction ends at 8:09.
-This means that it's impossible to truly "snipe" the auction. Members are allowed to place their bid at any time within the auction's run time, even if it's just a few minutes from the end. Don't worry - the time WILL be extended!

Weavile is not being auctioned off.
Minun is for straight sale, see below.

Sorry about the blurry pics of Eevee and Marill - it was really difficult for me to get pics of all the minimodels. If you do need more pics, let me know and I'll give it another shot.

Clear Blue Marill Minimodel - Starts at $3
Has some very tiny scratches, not noticeable unless you're looking for them imo. 1" tall.

Clear Peach/White(?) Eevee Minimodel - Starts at $4
Good condition, 1" tall.

Croagunk Gunmetal(?) Figure - Starts at $3
Good condition, a little under 1" tall.

Chingling Bronze(?) Metal Figure - Starts at $2
Good condition, 0.75" tall.

Shinx Silver Metal Figure - Starts at $4
Good condition, 0.75" tall.

Gold Minun is in pretty bad condition, super rusted/chipped or whatever, and is free to a winner of one of these auctions or with a purchase from my sales, linked below.

My sales have been updated with some new items (and everything is back on the original sales page now).
Also, take a look at my wants if you'd like.

Thanks for reading everyone! I may be slow to reply for a little bit. 
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