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Champion Red Nendo has arrived!

I was pretty amazed at how fast this got here ( I bought it saturday morning and picked the free standard shipping) but here's the champion red nendo in all its glory!

I also got the new venusaur spinner keychain of course~ more pics under the cut:

The whole thing was packaged in layers very nicely. The pokemon are a really nice size with the nendo, bout the same size as Cynthia's garchomp or N's reshiram, maybe a tad smaller than them.

I'm really just going to go over the pokemon here, because red is the same figure as the first version. the only difference is the first version has a pokeball and masterball, this one has an ultra ball and great ball!

Up first, Blastoise!

The tail, arms, and legs can all turn, and the head AND CANNONS are on ball type joints and can be posed a variety of ways. Super great to see a blastoise figure with moveable cannons!

And his hydro pump attack looks great, the pieces go on easily but don't fall off or anything like that

Size comparison with the squirtle from the first version~

Charizard's turn!

The legs and arms all turn, and the head and wings are on a ball type joint again. Gives a decent range of poses. Wish they had made the tail moveable too but all well

his attack pieces are nice but simple

size comparison with charmander from the first version

And the star of the show (at least for me!) Venusaur!!!

Here's how the flower goes on. Kinda wish the leaves had some movement but all well

Hes a super grumpy thing and its amazing. His legs all turn, and his head is on a ball type joint which works really well on these figures

Love the leaves on his attack pieces

Size comparison with the Bulbasaur from the first version

All my poke nendos, sans the saur line who live on their own bookcase of course :3

Overall these are super nice figures with amazing sculpts and pretty decent poseability!

While I'm here, here's a link to my sales post~
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