mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need A Bootleg Flareonnn

So Im doing a presentation in my Public Speaking class on how to identify a Bootleg Pokedoll. I have a legit Flareon and looking for someone in the US that may have a screaming bootleg Flareon Pokedoll I can buy from them to compare the two. Will pay $8 shipped. I will film this presentation for you guys :D I'm pretty excited about it. #noshame.

Also, reminder on my 1:1 Chikorita for trade. Will trade for any pokedolls on my wants OR a 2013 Giant Golden Magikarp (can give some money atop that since Chikie is worth a tad less than Magikarp.) I cant decide to auction it or not; may just keep it in case I find someone willing to trade.

Thanks :D
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