Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ISO > Skitty Items

Hello community!

A friend's birthday is coming up so I'm trying to prepare for it. Her favorite pokemon is skitty so I'd like to get her something skitty-related. I'd prefer them to be figurines or plush (she doesn't play the game or TCG but she likes skitty a lot), figurines in new condition and plush with tags please!

I can't pay until this coming weekend or the weekend after that, but if anybody has some skitty items they'd like to sell please let me know. I'd prefer to stick to items that don't cost a lot, so just small trinkets please! An ideal gift would be the JP skitty petit since I like the ball chain and the USA skitty's tushtag is too big.

Thank you! :) Happy 20th Pokemon Anniversary guys!
Note: I'd prefer to buy from JP / USA!

Edit: Ugh the font is getting weird on me so just let me know if the font is wonky for you too! :( Sorry for the fonting inconvenience.
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