drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

new stuff!

Just a few things I haven't seen posted yet!

The new Celebi pokedoll has been finally put up on pokemoncenter.com today!

it's here! It currently says available for preorder, however the release date it noted as today so it will be regular stock later on today I'm assuming.

There's also a new series of MokoMoko plush being made by Sekiguchi!

All of these are available to pre-order on amiami but i'm sure they will make it to Pokemon Centers like the Pikachus and Eevee.
(also, Gengar seems like such an odd choice for this cute fuzzy style plush?? ahah)
Tags: bulbasaur, celebi, charmander, gengar, info, squirtle
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