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Selling a giant cuddly shiny Charizard tsum plush I made, and some official figures/plush!
Click the pictures or lj cut to view all :D

PAYPAL ONLY. No trades. Some items I am accepting "or best offer" marked as "OBO.
Shipping not included. I ship from the USA.
Shipping costs for small items start at $3.25 in the US or $8.50 overseas. Larger plush shipping fees will be higher.

Shiny Charizard large tsum plush: $68
Dragonite SOLD

Vaporeon kid brand new $3
Cresselia (DX?) kid, brand new $2
Mew kid $4 OBO
Tyranitar kid $6 OBO
Tyranitar charm $9 OBO
Tyranitar battle stadium museum: $12 OBO
Umbreon Pita Poke SOLD
Pikachu and Mudkip art can badges (bottom right) 1 free with $10+ purchase

Braixen plush from US Pokemon Center, hang and tush tags: $26.00 OBO

Mawile plush from NY Nintendo world store, NWT: $7.00

Drifloon Japanese petit plush $21.50 OBO
Jirachi SOLD

Sentret Tomy plush $50 OBO

Feedback link:
Feedback link 2:
Sales permission had been grandfathered.
Tags: braixen, charizard, cresselia, dragonite, drifloon, jirachi, mawile, mew, mudkip, pikachu, plush, sales, tyranitar
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