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UK Comm Members!: GAME Mew Anniversary Merch Question...

Hi guys! So sorry to post so soon again! =<

I do come with a little question though regarding the UK based store, GAME (more precisely and their release of the 20th Anniversary Mew Plush and Great Ball figure...

I've gone ahead and pre-ordered the Mew Plush on their site a few days ago now, with's site stating at the time that the plush would come out in 5 days (so the 3rd of this month) and be shipped in time for release. Great!

Only now that I've ordered the plush, is now saying that the 20th Anniversary Mew plush is to be released on the 11th of this month instead, so a further week away! =< However, their site listing for the Mew Great Ball figure has pre-orders open and is stating that the release date is the same as the Mew Plush's old release date (The 3rd), so nothing has changed with that at all...So I'm now left a little confused as to when exactly the Mews will be released and shipped out...I'm in no rush to have her or anything, just an eager collector like the rest of us, haha!

Does anybody at all know what is blithering on about? Has there been a mistake or is the Mew Plush supposed to be released later? I've not had the chance to visit any of their stores recently so I don't know if the plush are being sold there already or not either...Any clarity on this situation will be massively appreciated! <3

All the best guys and happy collecting to you all! Take care of yourselves! =D
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